Pathogen is a revolutionary strategy game for mobile and tablet devices. Designed with the classic board game experience in mind, Pathogen brings mechanics and play styles of classics like Chess and Go to a whole new level. Easy to learn, but with an infinite depth of strategic options, Pathogen will have you challenging your friends for years to come.

  • Endless strategy
  • Extensive single player Campaign
  • Many play modes and map styles
  • Map Editor
  • Challenge friends in person or online

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Awards & Praise

"Pathogen's simple-yet-addictive gameplay is augmented by a terrific presentation, with visuals that make it feel like you're playing on a computer from a 1980s sci-fi film."

"A portable game of elegant strategy."

"I’d definitely say Pathogen is an absolute steal at $2.99 in the app store...A damn fine reason to share your iPad."

"There’s no way to know yet whether (Pathogen) has anything like the durable interest of the classics, but I haven’t found any sign of a bottom to its depths."
- Pocket Tactics

"A novel abstract strategy game that checks all the boxes for a fantastic digital experience...Success requires both thinking and feeling your way across the space, a delightfully snug balancing act that's much more fun than the haughty logic of other abstracts."
- Pocket Gamer

"It feels like a classic game updated, but it's a whole new animal. There's an extensive single-player mode, multiplayer, and a level editor to make your own boards — much more than $2.99 should get you."
- Kotaku

"We reckon Pathogen is an ingenious board game which will test your nerves to their limits."

"Addictive and mind-bending puzzles make you want to go all out for a domination victory."
- Cult of Mac

"Replay value is outstanding, as the multiple difficulty levels in the lengthy single-player campaign and the multiplayer options will give you plenty of challenge. The map editor is icing on the cake."

"While I’m not the best with strategy games, I have been enjoying Pathogen quite a bit. It’s visually stunning with a soothing soundtrack, and the gameplay mechanic is simple and addictive, yet limitless with possibility."

"I don’t really use my phone for gaming...occasionally, however, a mobile game will grab my attention, and that’s what Pathogen, by Birnam Wood Games has done."
- Indie Love

"This is a fun strategy game with plenty of levels to keep you busy for a while. The game has three difficulty settings so you can really get a workout."
- Technology Tell

"For such a full-featured, pretty-looking, brain-cracking casual game that DOESN’T have in-app purchases, Pathogen is plenty awesome. This game gets a 5 out of 5 from us at"
- NineOverTen

"Some puzzle games attract players by being very pretty while other rely on clever gameplay, but still others are just crazy difficult. Maybe that's a kind of clever, but you won't be able to spare any brain cycles to consider that while playing Pathogen. This game has just arrived on's a totally engaging mobile game."
- AppScout / PCMag